Operatic drama tells tumultuous life of renowned sculptor

Camille Claudel



Camille Claudel was a risk-taking artist in France who studied with the famous Rodin in Paris during the late 1800s. This operatic drama hybrid travels through her life as a sculptor, lover, sister, daughter and the artist she became. Although most known for her progressive, sensual and autobiographic works, Claudel haunts history for destroying many of her own sculptures. Theresa Koon’s passionate portrait paints Claudel’s tumultuous struggle with her family, her affair with Rodin and her burning inner conflict of whether or not to allow her creativity out in the world…all of which influenced her eventual unraveling into the renowned icon that she is remembered as today.

Theresa Koon began her journey with Promise 16 years ago. Subsequently, she found a childhood connection to the Claudels and met with the family for additional research. Promise was workshopped under a private grant at Nautilus Music Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 2003. A development workshop of the play was held in 2004, in Portland, Oregon. In 2006, a concert version of Promise was presented at the Detroit Institute of Art as part of a Claudel/Rodin retrospective. That same year, it was given a concert style production at the National Opera Association Conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Promise was recently awarded a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council for further development, which funds in part the 2012 workshop production of the newly rewritten version of the opera.

Promise April 2012 Workshop Production:

Libretto and Music by:        Theresa Koon

Directed by:                             Kevin Yell

Conducted by:                        David Hattner

Featured Artists:               Eleanor Stallcop-Horrox, Jon Kolbet, Doug Webster, Stephen Guntli,
Carrie Rambo, Erika Little, Shannon Jones, Katie Krueger, Catherine Olson

Musicians:                                Erica Melton, Greg Ewer, Justin Kagan, Jerry Siemas

Additional Music by:            Christy Slovacek

Dramaturgical Editing by:   John Murrell

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2 Responses to “Home”

  1. Vana and I are looking forward to the performance on April 22–we are planning our trip to Ethiopia to be back in time for it!

  2. […] of an opera by Theresa Koon, who is well-known in Portland for her singing and acting. Entitled “Promise,” Koon’s opera, for which she wrote the libretto and the music, will feature Eleanor […]

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