Other Music by Theresa Koon

In addition to PROMISE, Theresa Koon has composed two other operas, two song cycles and several individual pieces for voice and piano, guitar and other instruments.  The links below will access audio and video files for each work, as listed. Contact Theresa for further information, or to commission new works.

WHERE EVERYTHING IS MUSIC is an extended work for choir or vocal ensemble with soloists. The texts were written by mystic poets from the Sufi and Hindu religions, ranging from the eighth through thirteenth centuries.  Poets include Rumi, Kabir, Hafiz, Tagore and Mirabai, translated by Barks, Bly, Mitchell and Ladinsky.  All poems were set by permission of the translators.  The intention behind this project was to introduce non-Muslim Americans to the transcendent compassion, tenderness and humor of these mystic texts.  Arrangements for voices with piano, trumpet, organ or instrumental ensemble are available.

Six of the Sufi settings for solo voice were performed by Mezz0-soprano Laura Beckel Thoreson, with pianists Susan McDaniel, Chris Engebrits and trumpeter Bruce Dunn on October 23, 2016 at the Old Church in Portland, Oregon.  MIDI audio files and PDFs of the extended cycle including music for choir are available by request.


You Were Brave in that Holy War: Song of Sufi Wisdom

POOF, FLIES and EVERYTHING:  From 2012-2016 Theresa Koon collaborated with librettist Sandra Stone on two operas that were part of a trilogy intended to be performed as a unified whole in one evening.  John Vergin was the collaborative composer with Sandra Stone on the absurdist opera POOF, and Theresa wrote the music for AN IMPERFECT PLACE TO DISPOSE OF FLIES and WHAT EVERYTHING IS.  As plays, these three libretti were finalists for the Oregon Book Awards in 2015.  On Nov. 16 & 17, 2016, the three operas were produced in workshop form at Artists Repertory Theater in Portland, Oregon, in collaboration with the contemporary music ensemble Fear No Music.  Conductor: Jeffrey Payne, Stage Director: Allen Nause, Woman/Mrs. Brewster: Hannah Penn, Man: Kevin Walsh, Manager: John Vergin.  The links below include video excerpts from the workshop production.  For more information contact Theresa Koon.

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